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After noticing how thorough Marco was inspecting our current residence we decided to call him when we just recently purchased our own home. He did not disappoint and was very knowledgeable and patient with the varied questions we constantly threw at him as this is my first home. I would not hesitate to recommend Marco. Personable and professional, will definitely use their services in the future - Scott in Orangeville

I have worked with Marco many times on home inspections and have been so pleased every time!!!!! Marco takes the time to explain everything to the buyers and is amazing with them. First time buyers especially love Marco because he is so great at explaining things to them and he takes the time to review everything so carefully. - Sue Lepore in Georgetown

We recently had a house inspected by Marco Ramos. His knowledge and expertise was incredible! We are so glad that we chose Marco Ramos. Best of all... after the inspection was complete, we received the Home Inspection Report which Marco explained in depth. Now - we are confident that we can purchase our dream home. Thank you. - Bruce in Grey Highlands

Our home inspector Marco was simply fantastic , he discovered vermiculite insulation that another inspector missed and saved us from having to spend thousands to have it removed, he spotted foundation issues that another inspector had missed too. All in all he saved us from at least $10,000.00 in repairs! Cannot say enough about how fantastic he is, informative thorough a true professional. Recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home who wants real peace of mind before they sign the deal Marco has done many home inspections for my clients and is always professional, courteous and great at educating my first time buyers. He is excellent at pointing out possible issues and resolutions without scaring them.

A home inspection can be a daunting experience for some but with Marco I always have a satisfied client. Always a pleasure. -Ilda Luceri

"Marco did an exceptional job in helping us do our home evaluation... we were moving from Calgary to Georgetown area, so Marco did the initial inspection with members of my family, then came back and did the inspection 1-1 with me when my family and I landed in Georgetown... fantastic guy - very helpful, providing a high valued service".  - Aaron

"Completely agree with all the other reviews here - Marco is patient, professional and very thorough. Not only we discussed the current house condition, but also maintenance and future home improvement items. The binder that was presented consisted of multiple illustrations as well as maintenance and repair estimates. Would highly recommend and hire for a home inspection again!"  Andrew in Brampton

“I highly recommend Marco to anyone looking for a home inspection.”- Cathy Sharpe Doerr

Darren thanks so much for your referral. We met with Marco, whom was fantastic, especially being able to meet with us on such short notice. Nice nice guy to deal with, very professional and his explanations shed a little light on everything. I will keep him in mind for the future and would not have any hesitation to refer them to anyone looking for an inspection. Thanks again, and enjoy your day.  - Andrea Lowe

Marco is the best! Highly recommended!”  - Jim Atkinson


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